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If you are fortunate enough to live somewhere with a yard, you definitely appreciate the outdoors and in particular gardening. A well-maintained garden that utilizes our beneficial nematodes in Oakley, CA, can make any property pop. It can be very soothing and satisfying pulling weeds and planting your favorite fragrant flowers. Having to deal with annoying bugs that eat our plants, however, is not relaxing at all. 

Fortunately, bugs can be our friends as well as our enemies, especially in the garden. As a gardener yourself, you know that using chemicals to rid your gardens of these unwelcome pests can also be bad for people, pets, environment, and the plants themselves in some cases. To safely get rid of undesirable bad bugs in your garden, turn to Pompei Nursery for help with your bug situation on your flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables. 

Not all insects are pests. Some can be very beneficial for your garden. Consider a simple ladybug, for instance. Did you know that they are probably the most well-known of all the beneficial bugs? Part of the reason is that they eat quite a few of the undesirable bugs. Each one of these creatures can eat fifty to sixty aphids per day and over five thousand in a lifetime. Also, they like to munch on meal worms, leafhoppers, and mites. 

We know the thought of having insects in your garden on purpose might not be your top choice at first, but both you and your beneficial bugs benefit from your hospitality. When you think of your garden thriving without harsh chemicals, the idea of a few extra guests might be much more appealing. 

Create a Picture Perfect Healthy Garden 

With our help, you can create magnificent healthy gardens by eliminating soil insects, particularly fleas, grubs, ants and at least 200 other pests that grow in your soil when you purchase valuable bugs at Pompei Nursery. Beneficial nematodes, for instance, are fantastic for eliminating:

• Weevils • Japanese beetles • Fleas • Fungus Gnats

Nematodes are living microscopic organisms that grow naturally in the soil. Though typically known as parasites, these little critters go to town protecting your garden. They eliminate soil insects by eating insects that start their lives in your garden soil. 

Nematodes are packed in plastic bags for purchase at our nursery and come with application instructions. They do require refrigeration until the time of distribution, but can be used once or twice a year to prevent such pests.  If you have a massive pest infestation, they can also be used every two weeks. Taking advantage of our nematodes in your yard or garden is a great way to reduce the number of damaging insect pests without having to resort to toxic pesticides or insecticides. 

Contact us today at Pompei Nursery for more information on eliminating soil insects from your gardens. We proudly serve Oakley, CA and the surrounding areas.