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Your Source for Beneficial Bugs in Oakley, CA

There is nothing quite like having a beautiful garden to accentuate the look of your yard. And one of the best ways to make your garden truly pop is by using our beneficial bugs in Oakley, CA. While some bugs and insects are detrimental to the health of your garden, the bugs we offer will help protect your garden from pests. The primary helpful bugs that we offer are known as nematodes. These tiny organisms thrive in the soil around your garden and will feed on soil-based pests such as fleas and grubs. Contact Pompeii Nursery to learn more about our beneficial nematodes and to see the difference that our bugs make in protecting the health of your garden.

Providing Natural Protection

Unlike traditional methods of pest control, nematodes do not rely on any harmful chemicals to remove pests. Nematodes help by eating insects and other bugs in their early stages of life while they are still in the soil. When you purchase your nematodes from Pompei Nursery, they will come packed in plastic bags with instructions on how to apply them to your garden. They do need to be refrigerated until you are ready to use them to ensure they stay healthy while in storage.

Typically, you will only need to use the nematodes once or twice a year; however, if you have a particularly severe pest infestation, they can be used every two weeks. In either case, nematodes are an effective method for eliminating soil insects in your garden.