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Promotions & Coupons for Our Garden Supplies in Oakley, CA

View the current promotions from Pompei Nursery for our farm products and  garden supplies in Oakley, CA.


During the week of June 23rd. through June 30th. our sale item is the beautiful Yucca tree. All sizes of the Yucca trees will be available at 20% off regular price. WE ARE OPEN TUESDAY THROUGH SUN., CLOSED MONDAY

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GRN ENVY, when you say "TURF IT" we understand what you mean. Our goal is to not only help the homeowner achieve their dream yard but to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Homeowners enjoy convenient access and favorable pricing with local neighborhood re-sellers who are carefully chosen and qualified to provide great service, good prices, and of course the finest quality engineered products in the industry, backed by the best warranty available.

GRN ENVY has an excellent reputation, combined with the finest warranty in the industry. The product is high quality, engineered, and the most realistic looking product. We have a long list of satisfied clients who attest to our superior product, service, and the savings you gain when you get GRN ENVY.

The attention to detail in material, look, feel, and realism is unsurpassed. With our on demand immediate delivery to your home, installation ready for your installer to begin work, there is no reason not to place your order today.

We even offer training for the do-it-yourself homeowner so you can take pride in the work you do on your own home.

An Eye-Catching Alternative

It doesn't make a homeowner lazy or unimaginative if they decide to use artificial turf instead of natural grass for their home's exterior. When you make the choice to go for a maintenance-free lawn alternative, we provide premium GRN ENVY SYNTHETIC in Oakley, CA.

This product is a standout among garden supplies. It gives new meaning to curb appeal because the use of GRN ENVY ensures that your yard always looks well-kept. While earlier generations of artificial turf looked artificial, this product has a natural color and appearance.

You have to fertilize and water real grass with the hope that what you do will promote healthy growth. Not so with GRN ENVY. It doesn't require any watering, and as such, that means you save on your water bill. Additionally, you don't have to worry about spraying this artificial turf with insecticide to prevent damage from insects. This means you will no longer be exposed to potentially dangerous chemicals.

Make It an Essential

When you're shopping for garden essentials, GRN ENVY is a product that should be added to your list. Incorporating it into your home's landscaping will create the look you desire without you having to work to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

 Contact us for lawn and garden products that help beautify your home. We proudly serve Oakley, CA, and surrounding areas.

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Ygrene Works

Ygrene Works For You

Garden Statue, Garden Supplies in Oakley, CA


On all in-stock statuary, benches, birdbaths and fountains.

Available through Feb. 18

Mention this discount to the Pompei Nursery sales staff and/or cashier.